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Question: What’s the foundation of faith?

Several questions today from You’re Worth Liberty. Thanks, and right back at’cha buddy. “Do you believe in the concept of Christ?” Yes. “Or do you believe in Yeshua?” Yes? Why is this an or? “Do you believe He was God?” Yes. “Do you even know the first thing about Him?” I know the first thing […]

Genesis, Chapter 10

Generations The survivors of Noah grew in number, feeding off the land. Noah’s friends and children lived on with the bitterness she held at the end. Humans spread from Africa across the world, following their ancient kin. The climate continued to change, and the once vast savannas of the Sahara turned into endless dunes. The […]

Genesis, Chapter 9

Rainbow Covenant Noah told the survivors: “We have survived a terrible disaster. What will you do with this gift? Go back to your petty squabbles? Will you squander God’s gift to you with angry words for each other and violence in your heart? We cannot go back to the old ways. We need to create […]

Genesis, Chapter 8

The New World The rains and storms passed, leaving behind new seasons. Noah sent out her pet dove, Lennon, who flew in small circles, staying near the boat. Noah sent out her pet raven, Poe, who flew in great circles, and returned without seeing land. Noah sent out her pet gull, Livingston, who flew straight […]

Under Some Weather

My legs ache as I move them out of the way. Truganini sets down a bowl of soup. I put my legs back in place. The soup smells horrible. “What on God’s earth is in this, Tru?” There’s like a hint of sardine. Chocolate? “Never you mind,” she scowls. “It will give you strength. You’ll […]

National ‘What Is This Day About?’ Day

When we Americans aren’t busy celebrating murdering monarchists or our Gods, our third most controversial holiday is Columbus Day. I really like the push to call it Indigenous People’s day. The tragedy that Columbus wrought, although not really intentionally. Most of the death and genocide was delivered by smallpox. And while there definitely were cases […]

Paradoxically Living

A lie tells the truth. The antonym is nothing without the original meaning. Freedom tells of responsibility. Experience explains innocence. Sin is created from temptation and virtue. Chasing each other, around a central gravity point. Chasing each other around You. To see the shape, You have to get in front of it. Be there, waiting […]

Genesis, Chapter 7

The Flooding Great storms gave strength to an illusion that the glaciers played no role in raising an infinite sea. The soil began to drown. The age of ice and glaciers was ending; the sea levels would raise, coving the lands people called home. Suddenly, it was real. Doubt was ripped from the heart of […]

The Hidden and Impossible Soul

We thought it was in the breath, the first one a newborn breathes, perhaps coming from the ever present wind. Breath of life, breath of God, a misty air that the soul rides between worlds. We thought it was in the blood, the water in our veins that give us life, or is wasted by […]

How to Destroy Bully Culture

Get punched in the face a little. Builds character. Stand up for yourself. Don’t cry. But deep inside, it’s all, “One day, I’ll show you.” And sometimes, you’re all, “One day, you’ll show them.” At least to yourself. Because your heart was broken. Why you? Why anyone? But, most importantly, why you? Is there something […]