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Stories about the way things are, were, could have been, will never be, and will be again.

Aemilia comes to visit

It’s a hot day and I can tell the door security is failing because there’s a knock at the door. A minion. Earlier than I expected. Strong knock and precise fibonacci pattern that says it’s Aemilia. I don’t let her in, but she comes in anyway like the door wasn’t locked, looking tall, dark, handsome, […]

Bus Stop Banshee

My heart is pounding, a chill crawls up my spine too slowly, and it’s getting to be unbearable now. Take some deep breaths. That’s it. I thought I was going to lose my lunch in the middle of the sidewalk. I’m sure worse things have happened to it. The wave passes. They’re getting worse. I […]


Hear here m-read me. In the awake times. You sang to me. Once. Do you remember? Do you remember the song. Long John Sliver, slides and slouches into a rhythm in the song. Or out of the song. In the awake times. Or not the sleep times. The chasm in between. Where you sang. To […]

How Much Do I Hate Reality TV?

“Oh, did you see the episode of Preacher’s Daughters last night?” Penny asks. “The one with the–” I stop her there. “I hate reality TV shows.” She gives me a look like I just ruined a birthday. “Excuse me?” “I don’t watch it. I just… feel there’s something wrong with it,” I say trying to […]

Empty Mountains

I remember when the mountains were louder. Full of thunder and ice, growls and laughter. Now they are quiet. Most of the dragons have gone to the cities. I don’t blame them. It’s where the food is. I think it’s killing them, though. They are used to mighty prey. Now they hunt children. Powerful children. […]

A Barber and a Dragon are in a bar…

And the dragon says, “This bar is a dump, Morrie. And this beer is swill.” The dragon is wrong. Watering it down would have actually improved it. It’s true that the house beer wasn’t up to it’s normal low standard, however. “Let’s go somewhere else.” “No,” Morris says back. “I gotta keep an eye on […]