Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is one element of faith.

–Paul Tillich

Question: What’s the foundation of faith?

Several questions today from You’re Worth Liberty. Thanks, and right back at’cha buddy.

“Do you believe in the concept of Christ?”

“Or do you believe in Yeshua?”
Yes? Why is this an or?

“Do you believe He was God?”

“Do you even know the first thing about Him?”
I know the first thing about him, and the second, but after that I’ve got some pretty good research under my belt. Why? Were you classmates with Him? Did you find the Lost Diary of Christ? (Not the one with AC/DC written in pen on the cover, I found out that was a fake, and AC/DC is not about electricity, despite all the lighting bolts).

“Are you some almighty god that has the perspective to determine the truth of those texts?”

Now you’re making me blush. But yes. And so are you and so is every human. Although, I’d cool it on the “almighty” talk, it gives some people a big ego where they think they are right all the time, then they start making laws and rules to make people live the way they think is fit, and this one guy tried to kill his son before an angel of God stopped him.

Sorry, I skipped some questions, because these are the best questions, and not just being snippy:

“How do you know it?” If the Bible isn’t trustworthy concerning it’s assertions about Him? What proves Christ is King? What proves forgiveness reigns? What foundations do YOU base your assertions off of? Your own understanding or inability to comprehend a matter?”

I think that’s one question with a bunch of question marks thrown in for emphasis. I’m not making fun. It’s a big question, it deserves more. ????

How do I know? Well, I don’t. I can’t. I’m a mortal, stuck in creation, instead of in the impossible eternal. At least, not in a way I can explain to you. Because God’s word is beyond words.

The great thing about the Bible, and all books, hell, all language, is that they all can reveal the truth to us. It’s just really hard to figure out what that truth is. Sometimes it’s garbage on TV, and the only truth we learn is that “this is wrong, this is exploitation, these people are being used for profit” but we’ll keep watching anyway because it’s fucking funny and makes us feel better. Which might be another truth, is that our lives are so horrible, so restrained, so angry and fearful, that we will live out our emotions of people who have it far worse, because its safer than punching people we don’t like in the face.

What proves Christ is King? Well, nothing. He wasn’t a king, isn’t a king, in fact monarchies are pretty terrible systems of government. Christ is King is another example of the fallibly of language. Now, I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, I have a hard time understanding the Truth of it, much less explain it.

But my foundations are childish, because it’s only by asking questions is the truth revealed. If I read a book and say “this is true” then I am wrong. It’s not true, it’s a book written in a language that will be dead in a few centuries.

So, I live as a scientist and I test the theories. Loving your fellow humans sounds like a fantastic idea. I believed in it since I can remember, but I never lived it. I avoided hating anyone, but I certainly didn’t like some people. I thought some were idiots, childish, haughty, presumptuous. I never realized the only thing I was seeing was qualities in myself reflected.

It’s only in the last couple of years that I started living by *my* ideals. And then I started seeing how they were true. And then I returned to the Bible, and I saw how they weren’t my ideals, but ideals that we’ve been talking about for millenia in every major religion.

I know God’s Truth because I live it and my life is filled with more love, and I see how the anger and hate at other people that I held (even though I said I didn’t) was a waste of time, was hurting me, and was pointless. We’re all idiots and we’re all children of God just trying to figure out the answers to this wonderful puzzle.

The only problem is that way too many people take is seriously.

“You will find truth. But only after you stop thinking you know it already.”

Amen, brother. A-fucking-men. This is how I know God lives in your heart, no matter how you may treat me, or anyone else who disagrees with your literary and political perspectives.

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