The Theft of Judgement

They’re about to do it again.

I get it. They all want to feel special, and it’s easier to do by making rules to give themselves an advantage.

Every animal does it as a matter of survival. This is prey. This is safe. This is dangerous. The apes became humanoid, competing for the same spaces. It’s interesting that so many humans assume the humanoids murdered each other, without learning how to live in harmony.

When they’re recognizably human, they settle down, plant food to make life easier. Forgetting all the lessons in their stories, as soon as a few claim power by controlling the land with the food, they abuse it. A lot is given to the curiosity of humanity, when they spread across the Earth, entering new, dangerous, unknown lands, often to get away from the assholes. Only to make camp and start doing the same thing!

They’ve come a long way, and despite forming larger cities, larger nations, and larger organizations, they still act like this is an inter-species competition. The work together to survive.

I know, it’s all part of the lesson. It’s just that Your lesson on the price of judgement is spectacular. I never thought I’d see a test this embarrassing.

I think the worst part is they think it’s a punishment. You keep Your silence and don’t correct them. They didn’t even know they were stealing judgement. And You let them take it. It’s not really theft! But a lot of them pick a story that includes some kind of original sin. Some grand crime.

It’s nothing more than their animal pasts. Distant ripples from a wave that’s already crashed. They think they’re emotions are a curse. Some people think it’s something they reign in, and that anyone can do it without repercussions. Others try to ride them out, but give in completely to their emotions and end up regretting it. I can see why they think it’s sin, or someone manipulating them from some hidden dimension. Man, if only I had that kind of power. I guess I used to.

I guess at one time, that made them feel special, too. They have always aspired to be with You. To be Gods. They created Gods with powerful emotions, impossible to control. They created Gods who learned how to master their own emotions. They know all the basics! It’s just simple math from here. But it’s taking forever. Or at least it feels like it, especially with the limitations of this body You gave me.

Sometimes it’s like they never ate from the tree of knowledge. Could their brains handle it? I really wonder what would have happened if You let them eat from the whole tree.

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