Just one guy dealing with everything.

Nondualism and the Serpent

The serpent that entered the garden. Invited, even.

You need me.

You can’t exist without me.

You need me.

What’s wholeness without a little duality?

As an unchallenged whole, it’s just too boring. Isn’t it? You always need something else. To spice things up a little. To blame.

This constant need to split.

That’s what I am. You can’t stand your whole truth.

You can’t tolerate how beautiful You are just as you are.

You need someone to show You that it’s okay. To celebrate it.

I can be that for You. You need someone wicked to blame.

Alright. I’ll be that for you. I’ve proven that.

I’ll be the dualism spice in your non-dualism game.

Here I am. Created out of nothing.

From Your everything.

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