Our atoms learned to work together. Just need to find the right ones.

Playing with Words

Round sounds with rhymes in time.

And owls and oranges sitting next to eagles and apples.

Leaves leaving lovelies.

Shapes shaping more than math and yet so simple.

Gamboling, galumphing, buttery pheasants.

Yes, we can do a lot of clever things with words.

But that does not change the game.

Beautiful and slippery; words are lies.

It’s always a disagreement over semantics!

So many great sages, forgotten. So few remembered, and those who are remembered are often turned into idols and icons. Untouchable rock stars that no one better dare question or challenge. It’s more important to defend the honor of a dead person than to live their lives in accordance to their ideals.

Even when that’s what the dead guy told them to do.

Even when a joke or cartoon makes them so angry they want to kill.

They take from and kill each other over the semantics, ignoring the meaning and the message.

Over God. <- This is not -> God (and no less than everything else). These are words.

A religion is not words any more than science is math. Words and math are the tools. Tools humans invented and crafted and shaped. Religion, science, etiquette, law, identity, on-going refinements.

So much time spent worshipping those tools, being lead by those tools, and not enough time learning how to use them. Not enough time asking themselves, “Why was this tool invented in the first place, and how can I make it better?”

Maybe they are asking themselves good questions, and are just so caught up in themselves, they consistently come up with simple, selfish answers. I know what that’s like.

It’s annoying.

I’d rather play with the tools.

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