But some one will say that this supreme Being, who made all things, and those also who conferred on men particular benefits, are entitled to their respective worship.


Supreme Beings

You know this all looks impressive, right?

The idea that You made everything is so unfathomable, that there is a growing fad to pretend that You don’t exist. No, that’s not the fad, we’ve always been acting that way.

There is a growing fad to pretend that You can’t exist.

We pretend you can’t exist, because there isn’t enough evidence that You do.

We claim the house is empty while living in the garbage of the occupants.

We must be the toxic waste, surely. That’s going to be a wake up call. Oxygen and carbon, some of the two most destructive elements in this Simulation, and we’re using them to walk and talk and travel the stars.

I think we just don’t want to face the reality that we’re a disease gone wrong.

Of course, we tricked ourselves into believing that You’re the supreme being.

It’s a good one. Show us how you created the universe. Whether it’s the “rise” of the Sun, showing us how the day is made, or the speed of light measuring galaxies thirty billion light years away. When you live an animal life, it looks impressive.

Never mind that it took You tens of million of years to make the tallest mountain, and it takes (at worst) a couple of weeks to climb her. We’ve even blasted older mountains to smithereens in less time than it took You to create the molecules that made them up.

Never mind that it took You one billion years to fill the ocean with life, and it took us two hundred to murder it.

What the Hell is hard to understand about “made in Your image”?! I should have paid attention more.

Never mind that it takes us two hundred years to create the influences that will give birth to a single human, and You let that work be destroyed easily with hatred, injury, or bacteria.

This is why it’s hard for anyone to love You, You know?

We have power greater than You can imagine. Well, greater than You did imagine, maybe. Well, greater than You, and We can leave it at that.

We can destroy faster than You can create.

But none of that’s Being. That’s all Doing. I’m such an idiot.

I wish more of us would learn to listen before we speak. Me, for starters.

Too busy Doing, not enough Being.

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