On the floor, red eyed.

Out of Control

How far has this gotten away from You?

Did You create a puzzle too complex for You to figure out?

You need it to be just a little out of control.

Is it the thrill, that You like?

The bitter taste of adventure, wet leather and gasping sweat.

You could have had complete control! Just on the safe side.

But You created something that You could not ever fully know. And so it will always expand.

But to make sure it never got too out of line, You built it on vibration, on music. And I love you watch you dance in and through it.

This is why I love You.

You, with the symphony on a roller coaster, choir with glee into darkness and twists, on a machine that is unmanned. You are a mad scientist!

I know You couldn’t share Your experience, but thank You for putting me into it.

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