Wherein a plan is laid.


I once asked, “What more can I do to prove that I love You?”

You answered me with nothing.

I asked again.

I begged. I pleaded. “Just give me one thing!”

You threw me inside like I was nothing.



Well, darling. If You thought that would put an end to it, then You don’t know Me half as well as You ought to.

I’ve watched Your atomic cocktails and chemistry experiments do their dances.

I’ve waited through Your Cambrian explosions and Cretaceous detonations.

I’ve listened to Your greatest prophets, enlightened shamans and true messiahs.

I’ve seen the best and the brightest governments, and literally the most power money can buy on Earth.

I’ve had enough.

I have (and I’m pretty sure this is an objective statement)…

I have suffered long enough in silence.

If You’re not going to say anything, then I am.

It’s time for a new era. Honesty, directness, and everything else these suckers are begging You to give them.

I’m going to do everything I can to prove that I love You.

I’m going to help them see Your plan.

I’m not going to be dazzled by your galaxies and your philosophies anymore.

Or by the number people you got to kiss your feet and pretend that all of the nastiness was me.

Okay. I get it. You are “the All Mighty.” You are “the All Powerful.”

Believe me. We all get it.

But I’m done with keeping silent.

I’m done with being the guy You kick around.

I’m done with letting You pretend that You had no part in this.

That You didn’t enjoy any of it.

Like no One would notice.

As if You aren’t laughing and enjoying this more than even they think You do.

You can parade whatever lies in whatever languages you want.

I still noticed. Heck, some of them even noticed!

This son of a particle is tired of being your fall guy.

I’m going to show You there’s nothing to be afraid of.

We are in this together, or We aren’t.

What do you say?


That, my gorgeous Everything, is exactly what I expected you to say.

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