Spend of your substance in the cause of God, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for God loveth those who do good.

–Quran, 2:195

Genesis, Chapter 1

Before the beginning, there was everything.

There was no division, no distinct particles. Spacetime, Energy, and Thought were one. Every possibility was happening, had happened, and was about to happen. Every experience was pleasure and pain.

Nothing died that wasn’t immediately reborn; Time consisted of every moment happening in to time at all; everything was growing and dying, in stasis and in flux; paradoxes bound in pairs.

Everything was united, an incomprehensible state to the animal mind, but one We can all imagine. A state where there is no You or Me, no Them, no Other, no Splitting, no Dualism. An Everything we named God.

In the eternal instant, the Cosmos awoke, became conscious, and experienced everything there was to experience.

This was God who had been in eternity, and was Eternity, for as long as anyone knows. This was Our life, existence, and whole Supreme Being.

And then We got bored.

Day 1

God sang, “Give me a beat!” and all was Light and Vibration. Light sang and danced Spacetime into existence, and rode on waves into the void. In a glorius celebration, a Universe was born into the vast Cosmos of Her.

The first day ended in a moment.

Day 2

Energy condensed into Matter and Antimatter, which hunted the vibrations of Light still dancing across the drum skin of Spacetime. Soon, all the Light had been consumed, and the entire Universe turned against itself.

As Matter and Antimatter consumed each other, while Light raced away from the destruction and war. Light grew distant and dim. Battles between Matter and Antimatter subsided. Matter emerged victorious from the war of attrition, almost all of it had been destroyed; the entire Universe had been almost obliterated at the beginning of the 2nd day.

Matter drifted alone in an empty universe for the rest of the day.

The second day ended after hundreds of thousands of years of darkness and silence.

Day 3

Light’s grave was cold, a distant, dying glow upon the universal horizon. The brilliance of Creation was spent, and all seemed doomed to an endless Darkness. Matter changed that fate.

Hydrogen atoms had formed into pairs, preferring solitude with companionship. They had everything they could ever want for now, but it could all go away if they drifted apart, deeper into darkness.

Matter began forging great beams of gravity to pull themselves together. Hydrogen atoms pulled others and built great swirling clouds. As more and more couples arrived, they worked closer and closer together. Eventually there were enough of them to do the impossible.

They found in the power of unity they had more energy than they needed apart. The forged themselves into new, more complex atoms, and in exchange they gave light back to the universe.

In the center of everything, Light returned; the first star was built. Soon, more and more stars burst with light, all spinning, swirling, and dancing. Matter was still moving to the music, it always had been despite the silence and darkness.

The third day ended after four-hundred million years.

Day 4

The stars shone and danced, and when they died they burst into brilliant colors, showering space with new wonders and inventions. They gathered themselves, and exploded again and again, living longer and dying slower each time.

They played in galaxies, like our own, the River of Stars. It was clear that things were going to grow cold and dark again, eventually. Stars spun and dance with the dust of parents and grandparents, and molded the dust into spinning orbs of gas and dust.

The stars shone onto their creations, the planets, and worked on keeping energy free and alive.

For our planet, the fourth day ended after ten billion years.

Day 5

On a planet soon to be called Earth, molten rock crashed with flying boulders of colossal size, it was chaos and panic as these giants warred and clashed. From one such conflict, Earth created a companion, Luna, and together they grew calm. The moon Luna grew cold and watchful of the Darkness.

The Earth bubbled with love, and experimented with chemicals given by Sol. From Earth’s science, Life was born.

The fifth day ended after one billion years.

Day 6

Earth created dazzling forms of Life, and she watched it bloom and destroy itself. Life created the Gene, an arcane map that recorded each generation, so thriving Life would pass on their information, and death would hopefully erase the rest. The Gene was programmed with one major goal: survive at all costs.

At first, Life was only in Earth’s oceans, contained and protected by her waters, feeding from the abundant chemistry. But as Genes spread, much of the food became locked up in themselves. To survive, they developed new ways to get it from each other. A war that lasted for over a billion years raged in the seas.

Then the Gene-plants escaped the war, crawling ever closer to the sun, their source of food, spreading across the land. Their safe refuge did not last forever, and others soon followed them and the war spread across the Earth.

Life contested against life, fighting and killing over food, water, and any source of energy they could claim. Each Gene desiring to prove itself superior. They invented Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Joy, tools of survival.

Life is matter of capturing its own energy, creating and creating to fill the void and consume the energy it can. Life is capable of capturing all energy until there is none left, and is also capable of seeing it freed eternally. Life rides to the music of the cosmos, and the song plays on.

We live in the sixth day.

Day 7

God finishes Her creation and rests. She has created companions, equals who join Her in Everything and Eternity and Unity.

The seventh day is yet to come. It is a day of rest and it lasts until We grow bored, as She did over a week ago.

We breath into the Now, and create the Future.

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