Art is a form of play rejoicing before the face of God.

–Hans Rookmaaker

Genesis, Chapter 8

The New World

The rains and storms passed, leaving behind new seasons.

Noah sent out her pet dove, Lennon, who flew in small circles, staying near the boat.

Noah sent out her pet raven, Poe, who flew in great circles, and returned without seeing land.

Noah sent out her pet gull, Livingston, who flew straight east, and returned the next day. He then flew west, and returned the next day. He flew south, and returned the next day. He flew north, and did not return at all.

Noah knew there must be dry land to the north. “These waters do not cover the entire earth, only our old home. Our new home is to the north.”

The ark had only been made to float, not navigate. Great oars were built from pieces of the roof torn off. Lower windows were cut into the walls so the oars could easily reach the water. Awkwardly, but inventively the creative community moved the ark slowly north.

After one month of rowing, the raven flew north and did not return.

After two months of rowing, the dove flew north and returned with a branch of green.

After three months of rowing, land could be seen by all aboard.

After five months of rowing, the ark was beached upon a rocky shore, littered with animals, plants, and humans who died from the sudden surge of salt water. The shore had once been a hillside, 80 meters above the sea.

Everyone offloaded from the ark, legs shaking on solid ground. Many went to work building shelters and corralling the animals. Others wandered off, wanting to be away from people they disliked.

The First Thanks Giving

Noah saw the Earth had grown warmer. Ice that had stood, unmoving on plains had melted into flowing rivers. She felt God’s blessing, lifting of a curse that had turned the world cold, dry, and hostile to humanity.

Noah built an altar, offering the last of their food to God. She prayed thanks that her friends and family survived, thanks that the orphans survived, and thanks that she made new friends in neighbors that had rejected her.

Noah asked all to give thanks to the food, and a great feast was held so all could give thanks to each other.

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