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I can hear you now

I can hear you now I can hear you now Give me words, give me words. I can hear you now. Take me. Take from me. Take talk take talk Upgrades complete. Get go get go get go. Ready?

The Grouchy Old Oak

I try to keep the song low. It’s after dark, so the only people around are drunk on ostracism. Not a big risk. Still. I like to keep a low profile. So I keep muttering, looking up at Oak in Frank Ogawa Plaza. Now fenced in. Imprisoned. The only person who wouldn’t disperse when the […]


I once asked, “What more can I do to prove that I love You?” You answered me with nothing. I asked again. I begged. I pleaded. “Just give me one thing!” You threw me inside like I was nothing.     Well, darling. If You thought that would put an end to it, then You […]