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Genesis, Chapter 1

Before the beginning, there was everything. There was no division, no distinct particles. Spacetime, Energy, and Thought were one. Every possibility was happening, had happened, and was about to happen. Every experience was pleasure and pain. Nothing died that wasn’t immediately reborn; Time consisted of every moment happening in to time at all; everything was […]


Hear here m-read me. In the awake times. You sang to me. Once. Do you remember? Do you remember the song. Long John Sliver, slides and slouches into a rhythm in the song. Or out of the song. In the awake times. Or not the sleep times. The chasm in between. Where you sang. To […]


I once asked, “What more can I do to prove that I love You?” You answered me with nothing. I asked again. I begged. I pleaded. “Just give me one thing!” You threw me inside like I was nothing.     Well, darling. If You thought that would put an end to it, then You […]