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Ignore/Accept Them

Their gaze is an illusion That slices open our souls Picking out the threads Of unfashionable colors. You carved out psychic knives That travel between windows To slice into nerves Only when we fear them. A barbed electric lasso Singing through the air Teaches the problems Of having just enough rope. The windows only open […]

I can hear you now

I can hear you now I can hear you now Give me words, give me words. I can hear you now. Take me. Take from me. Take talk take talk Upgrades complete. Get go get go get go. Ready?

Genesis, Chapter 2

A Second Genesis So, that’s one way to look at it. But there is not just one way of looking at anything, especially not the origins of the cosmos, of life, of God. Reality is too complex for there to only be one way to see, to live, to experience. Looking is frustratingly complex and […]


1) Reveling in the misery of others when you’re in the same position; 2) Reveling in terrible fates people have been dealt by doing things that are making things even worse for you. Etymology. Schaden, from Schadenfreude, german origin meaning damaged. Karma from sanskrit, meaning word, action, deed, fate, used for a concept of universal […]

Playing with Words

Round sounds with rhymes in time. And owls and oranges sitting next to eagles and apples. Leaves leaving lovelies. Shapes shaping more than math and yet so simple. Gamboling, galumphing, buttery pheasants. Yes, we can do a lot of clever things with words. But that does not change the game. Beautiful and slippery; words are […]