From former fans.

‘Luke, we will continue to share God’s word, in context. Speaking the truth is not attacking anything. We are called to share the good news that is Jesus. We are to live in the world and not be of the world.’
– JZ of Christian, Conservative, Patriot, and Not Afraid

‘Do you think God supports Republicans wanting to starve millions of poor Americans to death?’
– Mike George of The Christian Left.

‘You do make sense. Perfect sense. Although some would suggest otherwise. It sounds like you have a very divinely inspired wisdom.’
You’re Worth Liberty.

‘I think you defend religion by attacking reason, logic, and science. Which bothers me, obviously…
‘I also find it ironic that you claim to revere religion, yet also claim to ‘immediately distrust any philosophy written by trauma survivors without treatment… Wow. Has the rise of cognitive psychology in the last half a century *really* surpassed the wisdom of Seneca in dealijng with mourning and trauma?
‘Right from the get-go, you claim that you have no substance or seriousness in the little volume you just plunked down in this thread. Why should I bother reading it?’
– Erik A Kruger, methodological naturalist & Facebook friend who only enjoys serious things that claim to have substance

‘I was just looking at your The White Tower… and see that your site has the potential to become very popular.’
– Catherine, SEO marketer

‘ah schtop with your nonsense. Can you see us lowly realistic folk from way up there on your high horse?
‘zing! Good one. Only took you a week to come up with that? And no, just with incomprehensible idiots’
Carlos “Yes that’s my actual name.”