Monthly Archives: August 2013

When Does Abortion Become Murder?

The Pennsylvania woman DID NOT flush her healthy baby down the toilet. She instead KILLS HER BABY by stashing the precious child in a toilet tank. Flushed was bad choice of words (I apologize), but the point of the post has not changed. What is sad is to see so many hung up on that […]

Origins of Serial Killers and Alexander the Great

Where did serial killers come from all of a sudden? Hello Anon, I’m not sure where this came from, but I’ll try to answer. You don’t give me a lot to work with. First, we need to talk about time frames. “All of a sudden?” That’s assuming a lot. You’re probably referring to criminal investigations […]

How Much Do I Hate Reality TV?

“Oh, did you see the episode of Preacher’s Daughters last night?” Penny asks. “The one with the–” I stop her there. “I hate reality TV shows.” She gives me a look like I just ruined a birthday. “Excuse me?” “I don’t watch it. I just… feel there’s something wrong with it,” I say trying to […]

Playing with Words

Round sounds with rhymes in time. And owls and oranges sitting next to eagles and apples. Leaves leaving lovelies. Shapes shaping more than math and yet so simple. Gamboling, galumphing, buttery pheasants. Yes, we can do a lot of clever things with words. But that does not change the game. Beautiful and slippery; words are […]

Nondualism and the Serpent

The serpent that entered the garden. Invited, even. You need me. You can’t exist without me. You need me. What’s wholeness without a little duality? As an unchallenged whole, it’s just too boring. Isn’t it? You always need something else. To spice things up a little. To blame. This constant need to split. That’s what […]