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I know You are listening.

Ignore/Accept Them

Their gaze is an illusion That slices open our souls Picking out the threads Of unfashionable colors. You carved out psychic knives That travel between windows To slice into nerves Only when we fear them. A barbed electric lasso Singing through the air Teaches the problems Of having just enough rope. The windows only open […]

You Are a Programmer

Turn on. Boot up. [BEEP] Initialize kernel:Simulation[AlphaOmega].… Continue Music. Loading module:timeSpace… Loading module:energy… Writing structure:entropy… Loading module:matter… Writing structure:atomic… Loading module:engineering… Writing rule:hydrogen… Loading engineeringLibrary… …warning engineeringLibrary not found, creating log file… …error writing to log file:errors.txt; file is in use. Continuing… Writing….. Writing……… Writing structure:stellarEngineering… Writing… Writing rule:planetaryEngineering… Writing rule:chemicalEngineering… Writing […]

Sending Sending Flooding

You sent that river dragon coiling under polished blue domes Whipping and lashing against the mountains and the brain stems of Jimtown. Drowning in mud while swimming against gravity Reverberating truth and minority gold Splashing windows across the rocks Lifting boulders off memories Until there’s no room to breath… You have your excuses But ultimately, […]

Supreme Beings

You know this all looks impressive, right? The idea that You made everything is so unfathomable, that there is a growing fad to pretend that You don’t exist. No, that’s not the fad, we’ve always been acting that way. There is a growing fad to pretend that You can’t exist. We pretend you can’t exist, […]

The Hidden and Impossible Soul

We thought it was in the breath, the first one a newborn breathes, perhaps coming from the ever present wind. Breath of life, breath of God, a misty air that the soul rides between worlds. We thought it was in the blood, the water in our veins that give us life, or is wasted by […]

God of Evolution and Hate

I heard one of Your lost preachers. Trapped in your web. Shouting simple answers to complex people. People mostly ignored him. They would walk past, shaking their heads with a smile, accepting the moment, or even chuckling. Next he was condemning the God of Evolution and what It’s told him. I’m standing there, thinking, “Dude, […]

A Demonic Scream

A piercing baby scream sliced through the nice sky, a primal voice cut through my skull like a blade. Not a baby overwrought by a stimulating world, but one in terrible pain. Can’t think. Damn that hurts. It has to be a human being reborn. Some poor child gave up on You. My stomach churned, […]

Out of Control

How far has this gotten away from You? Did You create a puzzle too complex for You to figure out? You need it to be just a little out of control. Is it the thrill, that You like? The bitter taste of adventure, wet leather and gasping sweat. You could have had complete control! Just […]

Low Point

I don’t know how else to serve You. I have done everything I could think of. I nurtured brains. I taught them to speak. I made mistakes. But You’re forgiving. You used to Be, whatever that means. I’ve guided, governed, rebelled, ignored, embraced, loved. I’ve done all I can do, and all in Your name. […]

Playing with Words

Round sounds with rhymes in time. And owls and oranges sitting next to eagles and apples. Leaves leaving lovelies. Shapes shaping more than math and yet so simple. Gamboling, galumphing, buttery pheasants. Yes, we can do a lot of clever things with words. But that does not change the game. Beautiful and slippery; words are […]