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Stories about the way things are, were, could have been, will never be, and will be again.


Right across the street, a monster coils. Green ichor, the ooze of ancient, rotten plants clings to her carbon and iron skeleton. She snores and wheezes, mostly. Occasionally, eyelids crack open, eyes try to see and not be disturbed, the head lifts quickly, a bolt of tongue and teeth and the thunder of metal. Another […]


“You’d have better luck sneaking in and out of the Labyrinth,” Gregor says in his imperious tone. I shift into a less uncomfortable crouch and look up at him. “I’d have better luck if you’d help instead of chastising me with fairy stories.” “Fa-” he begins with a stammer, “fa-fairy stories?! The Labyrinth is a […]

The White Tower

Up over the hills, overlooking the city, it’s been sitting there for a long time. It’s waiting, but I might just be imagining things. The doors have been sealed for ages. “Only the most intelligent and erudite may enter,” is what the sign says, in bold serif, etched into the white stone. Whatever those standards […]

Waking Nightmares

In a shrinking space, going inward, in reverse. Give me those bright lights. Take away the wealth of joy. Grind into the ground until the dirt is under my nails and in my teeth. Put the leather whip around my neck and pull me into the stratosphere and lights lit by citrus. Take the pulse […]

Under Some Weather

My legs ache as I move them out of the way. Truganini sets down a bowl of soup. I put my legs back in place. The soup smells horrible. “What on God’s earth is in this, Tru?” There’s like a hint of sardine. Chocolate? “Never you mind,” she scowls. “It will give you strength. You’ll […]

I can hear you now

I can hear you now I can hear you now Give me words, give me words. I can hear you now. Take me. Take from me. Take talk take talk Upgrades complete. Get go get go get go. Ready?

Truganini Returns

Thoughts of lust flow like water and blood winks and slaps against the tide. I can’t even out what or weather patterns are signs of stability and instability. The paradox of instability and stability. Experience is split so that is can exist. Everything is the same as nothing. Aum. I breathe deep, close my eyes, […]

Found Ruby Virchow

Favors for Mimeogiraffe

He’s making me sound desperate. I protest. “It’s not that big of a deal.” John August smokes dried leaves of some plant. It’s weird because we’re inside. His club. His rules. He’s good with loopholes, and the latest fad is more rules, which just gives him more to knit with. He blows the smoke out […]

The Grouchy Old Oak

I try to keep the song low. It’s after dark, so the only people around are drunk on ostracism. Not a big risk. Still. I like to keep a low profile. So I keep muttering, looking up at Oak in Frank Ogawa Plaza. Now fenced in. Imprisoned. The only person who wouldn’t disperse when the […]