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Human Fundamentalism

I got into an argument with a (self proclaimed) Christian who didn’t want his holy books questioned. Does he think You fit in a book? I got into an argument with an (self proclaimed) Atheist who didn’t want his learned men questioned. Don’t they demand to be questioned? I’m finally starting to see why, no […]

You Are a Programmer

Turn on. Boot up. [BEEP] Initialize kernel:Simulation[AlphaOmega].… Continue Music. Loading module:timeSpace… Loading module:energy… Writing structure:entropy… Loading module:matter… Writing structure:atomic… Loading module:engineering… Writing rule:hydrogen… Loading engineeringLibrary… …warning engineeringLibrary not found, creating log file… …error writing to log file:errors.txt; file is in use. Continuing… Writing stellar.org….. Writing stellar2.org……… Writing structure:stellarEngineering… Writing planetary.org… Writing rule:planetaryEngineering… Writing rule:chemicalEngineering… Writing […]

Genesis, Chapter 23

Funeral Procession The servants led Abraham and Ishmael home, while they carried Sarah’s body the entire way, silent. Abraham and Isaac wept over Sarah and healed the distance between them by remembering her strength and courage in hard times. A few days passed of telling stories. Ishmael told his father: “I won’t be a further […]

Genesis, Chapter 11

Age of Cities Despite Noah’s bitter end, and the first wars between fear and power, her art spread. A new age dawned. Unlike the Fruit of Knowledge, which gave the humans the mind of God, art gave them the power of God. The power of Creation. First, they created music. They turned vibration into song, […]

Genesis, Chapter 9

Rainbow Covenant Noah told the survivors: “We have survived a terrible disaster. What will you do with this gift? Go back to your petty squabbles? Will you squander God’s gift to you with angry words for each other and violence in your heart? We cannot go back to the old ways. We need to create […]

Genesis, Chapter 6

Before the Glaciers Melt Humans spread from the savannas they crafted themselves to thrive in, and crafted themselves ways to thrive across the Earth. Where it was cold, they made clothes. Where the weather was hard, they build tents. They found places where water hid from the sun, and devised skins to keep it with […]

Empty Mountains

I remember when the mountains were louder. Full of thunder and ice, growls and laughter. Now they are quiet. Most of the dragons have gone to the cities. I don’t blame them. It’s where the food is. I think it’s killing them, though. They are used to mighty prey. Now they hunt children. Powerful children. […]